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Are You Better Than Me?

This seems to be how most people determine if they will see heaven in the end. "Well, if there is a heaven, I'm a relatively good person and God would surely let me in before the average person." Does this thinking sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered if there is a heaven or hell? How would you get there? Does God rate people on a curve? If He does, would you make the cut? Below is a quick test to see how you rate among Americans.

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Did you notice how your ranking all depends on how severe you rated different actions? If you associated yourself with an action, you were probably more likely to rate it less severe, too. How does God see our actions? What are God's requirements for heaven? Does it really all depend on how I compare with my neighbor? Let us know what you think: Reborn on Facebook.

Oswald Chambers has a great way of explaining this. You can read what he wrote here: The Gateway To The Kingdom. The following are some of the figures I used to make the rough calculations (these figures are for the US):

  • 10 million serious crimes per year (violent, murder, theft, assault, ...)
  • 5% of Americans go to prison during their lifetime.
  • 50% of first time marriages end in divorce
  • 30-60% of Americans will cheat on their spouse.
  • 35% of women will have an abortion (1.2 million/year)
  • 92% believe in God.
  • 85% believe there is a heaven.
  • 75% believe there is a hell. (although only 32% say that people go there)
  • 28% believe you can't earn your way into heaven through good behavior.

Sources: Gallup, Barna Group , and The Decatur Daily